Friday, July 12, 2013

Back on the East Coast

Phew, it's been quite some time since I have written on here! Life just gets so busy sometimes and time goes by so quickly! I'm sure you all can relate! This boy of mine is keeping me on my toes at all times of the day. Gone are the days of sitting Micah down and knowing he will not move!  What a joy it is to watch him grow and explore life!

Micah and I are now on the east coast for a while spending time with friends and family! We had a LONG trip home, but it is so good to be here.  I think everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. And of course it was my first time flying home with a baby.  We counted that we spent a total of 17 hours in the airport/airplane.  Did I mention that my flight was supposed to be a direct flight to NJ totaling 9 hours and 38 minutes!  Flight delayed, lavatory issues, re routed to Ohio, more lavatory issues, waiting on the taxi way, more waiting, and finally feet on the ground! I felt like I lived on the other side of the world after that trip! So happy to see my sister and law and best friend there waiting for us at the airport, I even had tears in my eyes!

Since getting home we have been busy busy spending time with everyone.  I love seeing the joy that Micah brings to all of my family.  They all love him so much, this time with him means more to me then I'm sure they realize.

We miss daddy a lot, not sure when we will be seeing him again, but I know Micah and I are both looking forward to that!  We are taking lots and lots of pictures, so he won't miss out on anything!  

Currently, we are in North Carolina on our way to the beach for a Bergstrom family vacation!  3 wild boys and 7 adults, should make for a fun and memorable week at the beach!  Oh yeah, and my best friend is home from Africa with her sweet little boy and will be at the beach the same time, God's timing is so perfect!!!

Here are some pictures of our time back on the easy coast so far.  Fireworks, Fourth of July, park fun, cousin time, and just hanging out...we have been busy!

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