Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beach Bums

After being in Hawaii for a month, we figured it was time to bite the bullet and hit the beach!  Ahhhh, I could get used to this life!  We spent Saturday hanging out at the beach.  Might I add that this beach was only a TEN minute drive from our house!  This was my first time putting my toes in the Pacific Ocean and Micah too, of course.  No complaints here!  Although, Micah may feel a bit different.  He loves the sound of the ocean and lounging in his tent, the water is a whole different story.  He was a bit concerned when the water was washing over his feet.  No worries though, he has some time to get used to it, his surf lessons do not start until next month!

The water was beautiful, surf was a little rough at this beach, so no swimming allowed.  You need flippers or a surf board to get in the water.  I enjoyed watching all the surfers and boogie boarders do their thing out their in the water.  Maybe we will learn to surf while we are here, who knows!

The dogs have also been introduced to the Pacific Ocean, pretty sure they loved it!  There is a beach in Kailua that is pet friendly, so in a dog's eyes this was heaven.  They got to romp around, swim, play frisbee, and roll in the sand.  Clearly, the back of the car got the worst end of this deal.  Oh well!  I have come to terms with the fact that the Flex is going to be filled with sand for the next 4 years!

Pictures do such a good job sharing our memories with you all, enjoy!!

Lounging at the beach


Love these two, aren't they cute?!?


Hmmm, I am not so sure about all this

Uhhhh where am I?

Mommy and Micah

Snoozing on daddy

Snoozing on mommy

Rested boy=Happy boy

Swimming at the beach

Malcolm really enjoyed swimming

This goofy dog was too focused on playing frisbee to go swimming

How pretty is this?

Operation rescue the frisbee!

Our sweet little family

Sandy Sandy dog, who wants to take her home?

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