Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Importance of Family

There is a couple down the street whom we have a lot in common with and we hang out together pretty regularly.  Anyways, we were sitting out on the porch the other night just chatting away about life.  The guys were talking about cars, motorcycles, and whatever else it is you men like to talk about.  Whereas, we, the two ladies were talking about life and what I would consider more meaningful stuff.  I was sharing that I was really hoping to go home this summer to see my family.  Not because I am homesick, yes, I do miss them, but the reason I want to go home is so much more then that.

Ever since I have had Micah, life seems so much more precious.  I want to soak up all the time with my sweet baby boy, but I also want my family to soak up time with him.  Micah has so many people who love him dearly back on the East coast and I do not want to keep him away from that.  His great grandma, cousins, aunts, grandparents, uncles...all love him so much and I want them to spend time with him!  Life isn't about making money and working and being successful, it is about family, love, and relationships.  With that said, I am going to make every effort to see the people who mean the most to us as often as I can.  We may not get to see them everyday like most people, but I can guarantee that the time we spend together will be quality time.  In a lot of ways, I am thankful for the military life. I don't always like being so far away from home, but it allows me to value the true meaning of family.  

So the good news is that I have booked a ticket and we will be coming home in early July and staying until mid August.  Looking forward to spending the summer with all of our family and making lots of new memories!  Sam will be staying home to work and will most likely be leaving on deployment while we are gone.  Already feeling guilty about leaving him, but he totally supports us and understands the importance of us
His shirt says Going To Grandmas, he is ready!!!
going home.  So thankful for such a wonderful and understanding husband!

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