Sunday, May 26, 2013


I cannot believe that it has been 6 months since Micah was born!  Phew, time has flown by.  In the past 6 months, our world has completely changed.  Not only did we welcome a sweet little boy into our family, but we also left our comfortable life in Maryland and moved as far away as we possibly could (while still living in the United States).  I can't wait to share all of this with Micah one day when he is old enough to understand.

Micah is turning into this little boy right before my eyes.  I was just looking at pictures and thinking to myself, was he really that small?  My cuddly little boy has turned into this roly poly little guy who has to grab everything and put it in his mouth!  And according to all of our friends here, Micah is crawling. It is his own makeshift version of crawling, but he gets where he needs to go.  He is up on all fours, moves his feet and then face plants and repeats the process until he reaches that tasty flip flop or tv cord : )

Ahhhh the memorable moment of this weekend.  Yesterday, we thought it would be nice to venture to the beach for a few hours in the morning.  On the way there, we heard some noises coming from the back seat, do you catch my drift?  Sam said maybe we should swing by the house and change his diaper before we head to the beach.  My response was nah, he will be okay.  Well, boy was I ever wrong!  This boy was covered in head to toe with green goodness!  I mean everywhere!  Car seat, arms, legs, hands, face, pacifier, and probably even his mouth!  We went through an entire thing of wipes before we even stepped foot on the beach.  Needless to say, mom and dad got a good laugh!  It is time's like these that I will never forget and will be sharing with Micah at his 16th birthday!  Lesson learned:  keep an extra pacifier in the car and an extra set of wipes.  That way you can always call for back up!

Happy 6 months Micah Robert, thank you for always keeping Mommy and Daddy on your toes!

And look at me now!

Mommy and Micah

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