Sunday, May 12, 2013


Mother's Day is just about wrapping up here in Hawaii and what a wonderful day it was!  Although according to my husband, every day is mother's day in our house (awwww, isn't he sweet?).  Was hoping for a relaxing day at the beach, but figures, the one real rainy, dreary day of the year happened today!  A little rain didn't stop us from enjoying our day!  We spent the morning at church and then ventured up to the North Shore seeking waves, turtles, and some yummy food.  We saw some ehh waves, but we did see one large turtle lounging on the beach!!  Enjoyed some tasty coffee and ended the day with some garlic shrimp at one of the famous shrimp shacks in Hawaii.

On a daily basis I am reminded how blessed I am to be a mommy to Micah.  Yes, it is a lot of work and means lots of sacrificing, but it is so rewarding!  I wouldn't have it any other way!  It is hard to imagine our lives without this little guy!  The smile he gives you when he spots you from across the room just melts my heart.  And that giggle that belts out of his little mouth when you tickle him, you can't help but laugh right back.  Or when he puts his arms out and reaches for you, it gets me every time.  Don't get me wrong, he is a little stinker sometimes too, but even still I am over flowing with love for him.  He is our big bundle of joy and I thank God for him every single day.  

This little boy is growing up right before my eyes and I am trying to soak in every minute of every day with him.  I have made a point to enjoy every moment with Micah, whether it be rocking him to sleep, playing on the floor, walking around the neighborhood, riding in the car, changing diapers, and even waking up in the middle of the night.  I am blessed to share in each and every one of these memories with Micah because one day, they will be distant memories, ones that I will cherish forever.

People always said that being a mom will change your world forever.  I believed it, but didn't know how much it would change my world.  The minute I laid eyes on my handsome son, my world had forever changed.  It is no longer about yourself, but about making a life for your son.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mommy, what a ride it has been already!

Stressful, yes....hard-work, yes....confusing, yes...challenging, yes....but at the end of the day, the good always outweighs the bad.  And I am so thankful for all the mommies I have around me that offer their support, encouragement, advice, and lending hands.  Your help means more to me then you will ever know!
Check out this huge turtle we saw at the beach today!
My wonderful family!
Here you are guys, a little wave action!
This is the life

I love this little boy so much!

Hanging out at dinner 
Romy's Shrimp Shack (rustic, but quite tasty) It is a must to do when visiting the North Shore

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