Sunday, March 24, 2013


3,173 miles, 12 states, 51 hours and 25 minutes of driving, 12 gas tank fill ups, 6.5 hour plane ride, and a million diaper changes...we are finally in Hawaii!  The past 3 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, but they hold so many memories.  Thank you to everyone who allowed us to crash at their house for a few days, it means the world to us!  We had so much fun seeing all of our friends and family along the way, you all made this road trip so worth while!  I enjoyed seeing new places, but mostly enjoyed being surrounded by people we love.  You all mean so much to our little family and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness!  I wish there was some way to have everyone live near each other so we could see you all whenever we wanted, how sweet would that be?  A girl can dream, right?  We are so thankful for each and so blessed to have you all in our life!

Only checking 12 bags!
Now an update on what in the world is going on.  Traveling to Hawaii yesterday went quite smoothly.  I am pretty sure I had a few tears in my eyes when we dropped Malcolm and Calie off at the airport.  Poor dogs looked so sad and confused.  We ended up checking 12 bags, yes I did say 12 bags!  And no, all of those bags were not just for me!  The flight was great, no complaints here.  I was mostly worried about Micah, but he did perfect!  And Sam and I are now quite skilled at changing diapers on the tray table, so for future flights you may want to clean your tray table before use : )  By the way, the dogs arrived in mint condition, woohoo!

We were welcomed to Hawaii with beautiful leis and they smell absolutely amazing.  I wish I could capture the smell in a picture.  The only way you will understand what I mean is if you come here, so go ahead already and book your flight!  We are currently residing at a hotel in Hawaii.  No word on base housing yet, we should find out more information about the waiting list tomorrow.  We are praying to get a house soon because we are so ready to be settled!  I am tired of living out of suitcases!  During our road trip, the weather continuously got better everywhere we went, until we get to Hawaii, funny how that works!  It has been rainy and dreary ever since we got here!  Everyone keeps saying this is rare, I just want some sunshine already.  I know I know, I better stop complaining because most of you reading this are watching snow fall outside.  I'll quit my complaining and send some liquid sunshine your way once I finally get to see it!  Despite the dreary weather, it is still beautiful here!  I can't wait to go exploring!

Not a lot of pictures of Hawaii yet, stay tuned!  I am waiting for some sunshine!

Before the flight
Dropping Malcolm off, he looked so sad

Happy to see us, glad it's over!

Happy boy hanging out on the plane with Mommy : )

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