Sunday, March 3, 2013

And we are off!

Goodbye house, see you in Hawaii!
Packing all of Micah's stuff for our road trip!  That boy has A LOT of stuff!

My favorite people in our empty house.

At the hotel, happy as can be!  I am so blessed to have this little boy, he has made moving so far away a lot easier.  He takes my mind off moving and keeps me super busy.  He is always reminding us of the important things in life, I just love this little boy so much!

  We have spent the past week watching all of our precious things be backed away in boxes, such a weird feeling!  Then we were left with a completely empty house and forced to check in at the Navy Lodge.  Two adults, two dogs, and a baby in one room...Are we having fun yet?!?  In the midst of all the chaos of moving we managed to:  lock ourselves out of the house TWICE in ONE week, throw away the title to the motorcycle (I believe this was me, but shh don't tell my husband), loose the registration to the motorcycle, and just about forget where our brains were.  Oh yes and how could I forget, our dog, Calie snuck out and we had no idea she even ran away.  We got a phone call from my dad saying some lady called him saying she found our dog, whoops!!!  After a stressful last week in Southern Maryland, we have officially hit the road!  It was sad leaving our home where we started our lives together.  We went from dating to married to starting a family in that home.  I am so blessed to have shared so many wonderful memories in that house and in Southern Maryland.  As much as I complained about our house, I can honestly say I will miss it!
We have arrived safely in Hampton, Virginia where my husband's family lives.  I drove the Flex with the baby, 2 dogs, and a UHAUL trailer here, so I can cross that off my bucket list!  My husband drove the mustang in peace and quiet, something doesn't seem quite right with this picture : )  Oh well!  It is so good to be around family, we are soaking up all the time we can with our families!  So far the trip has been smooth sailing.  We did manage to get pulled over the other night coming home from dinner, but we won't go there!  Looking forward to a few more days in Virginia, then we are headed back to Maryland to visit my family in Hagerstown!  

First Piano Lesson...could be a future Beethoven, who knows!

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