Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cows, Birds, and Tumbleweeds, Oh My!

Today started off very smoothly.  We had a little under an 8 hour drive today that went by pretty quick.  I will say that I was dragging a little today and a little cranky this morning, I am looking forward to spending a few days in one place starting tomorrow!  Most of our drive today was through Nebraska.  Hmmmm what to say about the state of Nebraska.  Well for one, they are called the corn huskers.  Should I stop there?  The drive was rather boring, but it is so nice being able to see parts of the country that I knew absolutely nothing about.  I saw cows after cows after cows.  Beef, it's what's for dinner, yup, I do believe that's the motto out here!  And birds, I have never seen so many geese flying around in my life.  It was disgusting and amazing all at the same time!

We of course made a few pit stops to feed Micah and make an outfit change : )  I drove the last stretch of the drive and encountered something new.  While driving this "thing" popped out in front of me, so I of course was freaking out and didn't want to hit it.  Come to find out this crazy thing going across the road was tumbleweed and it is totally fine to run right over it!  I am now fascinated with tumbleweed!  Coming into the state of Wyoming, you can see parts of the Rocky Mountains, they are absolutely beautiful!  I am looking forward to tomorrow's drive and seeing more of God's creation.  Trying to make the most of this trip and take in all the sights!  I feel like I am in rodeo country right now, get me some cowboy boots and I will be all set!

We are safe and sound staying at an air force base in Cheyenne, Wyoming tonight.  This place is a little old, the lady at the front desk warned us about the hot water in the shower.  Apparently, if you are not careful, it gets up to 117 degrees F, OUCH!  So I was overly paranoid and spent about 20 minutes getting the water the right temperature, talk about frustrating!  Now that that is over, we are all headed to bed!  It is only 8:00 here, but this time change has got us all out of whack!

Night everyone, from out here in Wyoming!

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