Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are we there yet?

Yesterday we drove from the Grand Canyon to Vegas. This was supposed to be our shortest drive yet, key work supposed to be! Somehow we managed to turn a 4 hour drive into a 9 hour drive, no idea how this happened! I guess it could have been the yummy diner we stopped at for breakfast on historic Route 66, but it was totally worth it! We took a detour and decided to cruise on Route 66 for as long as we could, so that added some extra time I'm sure! We played the tourist part and stopped at a few shops along the way too!

After what seemed like forever we made it to the Hoover Dam, just to be turned around because covered trailers are no longer allowed! Ugh! We were not happy about this! So we drove to a casino down the street and locked up our trailer and headed back to Hoover Dam! At this point, we were all a little annoyed! So we drove across the dam and found a place to park. Let me just say it was 83 degrees outside and we had 2 dogs in the car who of course were not allowed to walk across the dam! And of course as soon as we start walking my sweet son decides to spit up all over my shirt and we have no burp cloths around! Are we having fun yet? Not only that, we woke him up from his nap, so he was super cranky! The combination of all this made for an interesting experience at the Hoover Dam, lets just leave it at that! We managed to get a few pictures and hop back in the car and head to our destination!

We are now in the wonderful land of Vegas! We are staying with old friends of my husband, so he is loving life and sharing lots of old stories! I have never been to a casino, so I figure now is as good of a time as any! Lets see how lucky our little family will be! Gotta win some money to send back home so people can come to see us in Hawaii! More to come about my first experience at a casino!

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  1. haha you wrote the hoover sam... haha love on the brain!!

    such an adventure, i miss you terribly already!