Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On the road again

I meant to post this last night, but by the time we got back to the hotel, I was exhausted and ready to get some sleep!

Anyways, this trip still does not feel real to me.  Yesterday I was sitting in the car thinking to myself, am I really in the midwest?  It all just feels so surreal!  In some ways, it feels like we are just taking a vacation driving across the country.  I am sure once we arrive in Hawaii and get settled it will finally hit me that we just moved to the complete opposite side of the United States.


Our change from the toll, haha
I was able to experience what it felt like to be a time traveler yesterday.  We left our hotel at 7:30 and 15 minutes later I looked up at the clock and it said 6:45!  We are now in the central time zone, slowly throwing our bodies for a loop, as we continue to travel through more time zones.  The drive yesterday started off with some speed racers in Indiana and Illinois, they must have been late for work or something!  Thank goodness my husband was driving, I would have been freaking out!  I helped out with driving and let my husband kick back and relax in the backseat with Micah for a few hours.  Figures when I decide to drive it snows!  We were able to see the beauty of the countryside, all places and states I have never seen before.  Boy is it flat our here in the midwest, you can see for miles and miles!  I have mastered the art of cruise control and now know what it means when a trucker flashes his lights at you.  It means you are clear to get over in front, how sweet of him to help me out!  Micah and the pups are holding up great!  I have been blessed with such a well behaved little boy, I can't believe how well he has been doing in the car!  We stopped to feed him twice yesterday during the ride to Omaha, wow!

Another diaper change in the car, I think he likes it!
We realized that I left my keys in Maryland at my parents house, ooops!  Thankfully, we do not need them anytime soon.  I am not sure if it is the move or my new mommy brain, but boy am I losing it!  My dad is always losing his keys and wallet, my mom always forgets what she is going to do, oh my, does this mean I am turning into my parents?  Okay okay, that's no big deal I suppose, they are two people I wouldn't mind turning into : )

Melissa and I with our sweet little boys!
We ended our long day of driving with a nice dinner with friends in Omaha.  We actually met them on our honeymoon in Jamaica a year and a half ago.  Here we are some time later with two handsome little boys that are only a few months apart, how crazy is that?  It was so good to see them and catch up on life and of course hold their 8 pound bundle of joy, he is so cute!  We figured it was only appropriate to get steak for dinner, since we are in Omaha.  Yummy!  Thanks guys for a wonderful dinner, we owe you, how does Hawaii sound?

On the road to Wyoming as we speak, will write more later!

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