Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sin City

Another thing to cross off my bucket list, Las Vegas!  What a fun and eye opening experience this was!  We went out on the strip last night and ended up staying out until 1am, I have not been out that late in a long long time!  And Micah was right there with us all night long!  No worries, you can nominate me for the mother of the year award later! 
Don't judge me : )

We walked around most of the evening, had a tasty dinner at the Bellagio, watched the fountain perform, and of course throw a little money away for kicks and giggles.  I'm sure you are wondering if I won lots of money to buy you all plane tickets to Hawaii.  Sorry, not this time!  I tried my best though for all of you that requested I win money for plane tickets!  I had fun doing the slots, I stuck to the 5cent slots.  No blackjack or anything crazy like that, I was not trying to make a fool of myself!

Boy oh boy, did we see some interesting people, I always enjoy people watching, especially in a place like Vegas.  I felt like I was in a completely different world, people passing out cards with naked women on them, people walking around with open containers, and people just throwing all their money away.  I completely understand why it is called Sin City, it truly is a place filled with a lot of fun, but also filled with a lot of depressing and degrading things (in my opinion). 

All in all, we had a great time visiting friends in Vegas.  Being around good friends makes us realize how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our life!  We may not get to see all the people we love as much as we would like, but we do make an effort to make the most of the time we have with our loved ones!  We have arrived safely in San Diego and the anxiousness of this is real, we are actually moving to Hawaii in a little over a day is really starting to sink in!  You should see us all squished in this hotel room with all of our bags of luggage, stroller, pack and play, dog crates, phew there is barely room for us to sleep!  It is rather comical, we are trying to not get too overwhelmed about the whole process and by we, I mean me!  Maybe I'll spend tomorrow at the spa while my dear husband takes care of getting the car shipped, haha I WISH!  Hopefully tomorrow we can spend a little time downtown San Diego since this is my first time here!

I'll be taking lots of pictures of how ridiculous we look coming to the airport with all of this stuff!  For starters, I don't even know how we are going to get it all to the airport, this should be very interesting!  Stay tuned for a good laugh that's for sure!

My first slot machine experience, here's the proof!

Shops, looks just like Italy

Inside the Venetian


Dinner at the Bellagio.  This little boy has been to the coolest places in just 3 short months!

The Bellagio, so pretty!

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